send files to COMODO for analysis ERROR

the exact message is as follows:

“the server name or address could not be resolved”

after clicking ok another message appears:

“some error occurred during uploading. aborting file submission”

a while ago while I am accessing a file (chikka.exe) suddenly comodo pops up saying that *.exe is accessing the internet,so I have an option to send to COMODO for analysis the file but the above mentioned ERROR MESSAGE pops up, so I try clicking send files to COMODO for analysis in the main tray of comodo firewall “SECURITY>>>TASKS” tab but still I got the same ERROR message.

could anyone of you PLEASE assist me with this problem?
is this ordinary?
is this a bug?

pls help me.
thank you in advance.


Comodo’s file submission uses FTP to transfer the files. It is possible that your corporate LAN has port 21 blocked.

I’d be buying your IT guy a brew and checking it out with him. :wink:

I haven’t heard of these errors coming up before, so this is the first thing that popped into my head that could match what you’re seeing. If anyone else has an idea, feel free to jump on in.

Ewen :slight_smile:

This can also be the result when behind a corporate Proxy, which CPF can’t bypass.

“This can also be the result when behind a corporate Proxy, which CPF can’t bypass.”

good day!
as quoted above,YES,our office is using a certain proxy that is why if you use a personal PC in the office you need to ask our IT to FIRST configure your personal pc so that it can connect to the internet and into the LAN.

is there anyway I can configure comodo to accept certain proxy settings?
please help.

thank you.

guys, good day!

is there really no way to configure comodo to accept proxy certain settings?

thank you.


I appreciate the position you’re in, but my overriding concern is that you are on your corporate LAN, and unless you are the owner of the LAN, you really should attempt stuff like this only in consultation with the IT staff. They undoubtedly have set up their LAN to suit the business requirements of the owners and have instituted security and access policies to suit.

I really don’t believe that the members of this forum have the right to attempt to tell you how to circumvent the LAN architecture that is currently in place, regardless of the motives behind your request. Time to buy the IT guys a brew or two, I think.

I only say this to cover my arse, and Comodo’s, as the forums are owned by Comodo, after all.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I understand.
anyway thanks for the support.

your response and clarifications are greatly appreciated.
thank you.