self rule- where is?

Uploaded to well known image hosting site.

Why is not my rule here?

Edit by EricJHL removed the link to the well know image hosting site as it is minor form of spamming… the user who will click at the image will undoubtedly see the name of the site

What version of CIS are you using?

My guess is that youre using ‘pre-defined’ firewall policies w/out understanding what ‘loopback’ entails. & are YOU; every single computer in the world understands itself to be (localhost) or

You should create network zones that define those IP addresses. What you’ll find out is that various apps want to initiate com between those two IP addr. The fact is that the local app wants to hit your computer resources; be very careful with access rights granted.

The problem stems from how the Win kernel / shell works; each time its interuppted is seems that a new com session is initiated. The com is between those two IPs but the ports used for com change. That notwithstaniding, once you establish normal com traffic between those IP for the particlar app that relies on localhost traffic’g, the alerts go away. The ONLY time a new alert manifests is when you interrupt something.

I know this first hand getting BOINC v6.10.43 to work under the auspices of CIS.