I’m not sure if other people suggest this already, but I think it’s might be useful to have a self-defense feature in the next version to prevent getting own by malware

Is just a suggestion, I hope there is no fighting in this thread

CIS protects itself via Defense+. If you look under My Protected Files, you’ll see the various CIS files and folders :wink:

Btw, so as to avoid confusion, the process cfp.exe is only the GUI of CIS, and could therefore be terminated via Task Manager. However, if cfp.exe is terminated, the protection given by CIS is still running, under cmdagent.exe, which cannot be terminated through Task Manager.

Hope this helps.

Beanie :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s help a lot


No problem :slight_smile:

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Not when I try. :-\ Task Manager and Process Explorer cannot terminate cfp.exe.

i just had a bug with cfp.exe, for some reason, when i opened the gui and clicked on a FW setting, the gui froze.
problem is that u can’t kill the process, so after hours, seeing that comodo would never come back, i right clicked on the taskbar comodo icon and exit.
the prog cfp.exe closed after a little moment, maybe 30 sec or 1 min.
i’m running it on win7 64bit.
it’s very rare when u cant use the gui anymore, it’s the first time it happened here on win7 64.
now i didnt face the prob when u cant use the taskbar icon to exit comodo, in this case, it’s better to reset and start in safemode and put comodo in training mode with defense+.


That is not a problem. :wink: And yes, you can terminate cfp.exe: right-click CIS tray icon, Exit. :slight_smile:

Not with v4 beta. I just tried.

Tray icon works with v4 beta 2. :wink: But Active Process List can “only” terminate cmdagent.exe (v4 and v3.13). :-[

Sorry for the misunderstanding when I posted. Forget I posted it…:wink: