selectively allow process access to a "blocked file"

Users can choose to selectively allow another application (or file group) to modify a “blocked file” by affording the appropriate Access Right in ‘Computer Security Policy’ . This will prevent malware from stealing confidential information by reading the contents of the folder.
For example, only KeePass.exe has access to the “blocked folder” c:\Program Files\KeePass*. Even if a malicious program can install on your computer and gain access to the Internet, it can not steal a base with a passwords, which hackers can try to hack.


This is already can be done in CIS,

I understand you correctly? I can do this now? But how?
In help to CIS 5.3 written:

Unlike files that are placed in ‘Protected Files and Folders’, users cannot selectively allow any process access to a blocked file.
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For example, I put folder c:\temp\res2 to the “Blocked files” :
But in the “Customize Policy” no “Blocked Files”, but there is only a “Protected Files \ Folders”:

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Ok; i think we have a misunderstanding,

If you are trying to make sure that only you select Program A through C access “a blocked folder” and Program through D through Z cannot,

Well, First off if you want add another layer of security by adding your personal files to “Protected Files and Folders” you may do so; so that when a unknown application wants to access them then you’ll be prompted

Secondly, let me ask how “Strict do you want Defense+ to be?” There are two ways of accomplishing such task; I don’t want to post them until i have i more information of what you are trying to accomplish

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I guess k_ok_o_s has just found the right topic for his wish.

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