Selecting multiple folders for scanning

(a) I am using the Comodo internet security program version 7.x which I believe is the same as saying it’s the 2014 version.

I can’t seem to do something with this program that is very simple and that just about any other antivirus program can do easily and intuitively and frankly the same way.

I am trying to select multiple folders under the custom scan part of the program using the usual CNTRL and SHIFT keys that is typically accepted by most other programs but can’t seem to select more than one folder at a time for scanning. I there some “trick” to doing such a simple task in this program?

(b) Also the program does not seem to scan all of the subfolders of the selected top folder when I do pick a single folder for scanning. I am assuming that when one picks a single folder the program will automatically scan every other file and folder under it right? I don’t seem to find any setting in the program that would counter that assumption.
Note: I have already increased my file size for scanning in the advanced settings part of the program.

(c ) I there some log file I can look into to verify all my sub folders and files have been scanned when I select a particular folder that has child objects under it?

Thanks to all ahead of time.