Selecting Items in pending files list

Am I doing this wrong, I have several machine running CPF.
and on one in particular I didnt get around to checking the pending files list for quite a while.
With the result that the list now contains 4500+ files (even after a purge)

The problem is I cannot see any way to select files in blocks.
You can either select All or One at a Time. You can imagine how long it will take to sort through 4500 items!

Is there some way to select blocks of items or is the best solution to ‘Remove’ everything and start again?

Sorry, but now CIS 3.5 doesn’t have opportunity to select by ANY types of blocks. Not by wildcards, not by Shift+selecting or any other way. Only manual selecting and “Invert” selection.
But I suggest you to spend a time (several days by 1-2 hours a day) and do all job with this files.
Removing all from Pending Files - after that CIS will think that it is a Safe Files and wouldn’t block their activity