selecting add to trusted doesn't work

Got a new game for steam - Sanctum…

Ran the game and Comodo comes up with the attached warning. I check add to trusted files and hit allow and it runs the game fine but the next time I run the app I get the same warning all the time. And even though I say add to trusted files is still gives that popup. I’ve even manually gone into the defense + setting and added the file to the trusted list and it STILL gives the warning…

Friend of mine is in the same position as me except when he clicks allow the game just crashed before it even loads…

So uh… iunno any kinda fix for this?

FYI running win 7 64 bit and comodo internet security 2011 pro version 5.4.189822.1355


[attachment deleted by admin]

Did you check “Always trust this file or package” and press “Allow”?

Hi Guys,

I’m not sure why my post (few hours ago) here was removed or something ???

Therefore I’ll try to re-post


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Please use “Search” feature of the forum before posting any request
In most cases you’ll find many discussions regarding the matter

So, search for “steam” … the latest entry as I can see here 88) is from year 2006

Probably & hopefully you’ll find some solutions there

Other than that - I hope that some gamers & developers will reply


oh yeah gotta love the canned responses from the post stat padders…

1st post - if you took the time to actually READ my post you’d have seen that one of the first things I said I tried is “I check add to trusted files and hit allow”. Actually… IT’S EVEN RIGHT THERE IN THE TITLE! So YEAH… you get the E for effort, but thanks for coming out. Make sure your helmets on tight when riding the short bus to school… good lord.

2nd post - well OBVIOUSLY I searched first and didn’t find anything. Signing up for a new forum just to make 1 post is a pain in the ■■■■… so thanks for that “wonderful tip” …“search the forum” - MY GOD what a concept!! Right up there with suggesting this little gem “search google… I hear you can find answers on this there interwebs thing.” CRIPES!

Please only respond to this thread if you have something USEFUL to say… a link to a possible answer, workaround, confirmation that support is working on this…etc. Thanks

Hi jambon,

Please submit the executable file as false-positive at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis and post in comment box the link to this thread. We’ll verify the issue and if found safe, the application will be whitelisted.

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What I read on this pop-up is not “Add to trusted files” option but “Always trust this file or package”.
It’s not the same cause “Add to trusted files” option is located under Defense+ settings.
If you quote, do it properly… :wink: