Select applications to use TC


i would like to ask a question if it is possible to make TC to use only with selected applications. As I plan to use TC at work, I need to connect to several sites and application with real company IP, not TC’s IP. I would use IE for company purposes and Chrome for private surfing.

Is it possible to set up TC in a way that for example IE will use a direct connection, Chrome/Mozilla will use TC ?

If there’s such an option, I’m willing to get a paid version of TC.
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I don’t think there is a feature like that.

You can test a free version a TrustConnect by going here.

There is no feature like that. But If you have a small set of sites/applications to which you should connect with a real company IP, you may add direct network routes to them (not through a TrustConnect).

Hi Vadim,

I have to access MS Exchange server for emails and few applications like SAP and some webportals. How can I add company IP addresses to TC so I will go to those IP’s directly ?

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Hi Martin,

You should set up route for your sites manually, e.g.


where: - your default gateway; - some your site IP.

You may set up persistent route with option -p, e.g.

route -p ADD MASK METRIC 1

Where do you “set up” this? In TC, or somewhere else?

TrustConnect doesn’t support this feature. It’s a command which you may run from system command line.