"Select all" checkbox in D+ settings -> Monitoring Settings

Why don’t make select all checkbox in D+ settings → Monitoring Settings? That’s convenient to switch on a dozen of boxes by one push.

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But these are already all selected by default.

Yes, but in my opinion it’s much easier to check if this box is on then to check all that checkboxes. I just want one box to represent all boxes above.

I can’t see why someone would want to turn off all or almost all the boxes here. Maybe if they’re running another security product and don’t want the two to interfere. I can believe that but then you generally won’t have to keep going back and turning every one of the checkboxes back on again.

It seems to me that trying different variations of enabled boxes isn’t something that happens often enough to make a “check all” a necessity. Most people go with defaults and don’t change these settings much anyways.

I just want to have an indicator that all are on.