seems pretty good


I installed this firewall yesterday and so far it is pretty good. Or do you think that is an understatement? :wink:
I don’t like having to mess with rule-based firewalls (limiting ports, protocols, etc.). A simple “allow yes or no” is more my style. If I understand correctly, Comodo offers a high level of protection, even without having these strict (ports, etc.) rules. So that’s ideally suited for me.

However, I found a severe bug. The link in the “about” window launches IE instead of the default browser. Why? ;D
IE should not have access to the internet. The option “automatically approve safe applications” should be disabled to achieve that, but that causes “problems” because I wouldn’t know what to do with pop ups referring to Windows components. How about adding an option to remove items from the safe list?

The only negative point about Comodo so far, is the fact that is has more impact on the system than my previous firewall, LooknStop. Well, that makes sense. LnS is a lightweight as far as resource usage goes and Comodo offers more protection (and has to check more things because of that, I suppose).

thanks for the feedback. very useful indeed. And you can post things in the wish list so that our developers can schedule it.

btw: next version of our firewall will use less resources, even though it will offer the best protection possible from a firewall available today…


I get disconnected after a few hours (this has happened a few times now). The normal Windows repair option doesn’t even work, it’s necessary to restart.
This is very unusual. I expect this has something to do with Comodo. It happened a few weeks ago, when I first used this firewall for a while, and it’s happening now. What’s wrong? Any ideas?