Seems like Comodo is better than I thought..

Hello. I never heard of comodo, untill I saw languy99 videos. I didnt like 3.12 etc. But I watched 4.0(on of Languy99 videos) and I just can say…
Its Amazing in his test! It blocks everything. Sure you need to be a Advanced user, but still…

Can I ask you a favor to do?

why do u need to be an advanced user?

Cause the “Allow, Block, Sandbox” A novice user, like my aunt, would’nt know a alot about that… :S
Also: This would be big… But… Can COMODO make a LANGUAGE PACK for Danish… Please-

there isn’t much allow, block etc…
where do you get that from?

And for Sandbox: the Pop Up is for information only, no user action is required.

I would recommend install it for a novice and see.

My family uses it, my 8 year old son, my wife and so on. They don’t need to answer any questions the way they use computers and internet.

I noticed after the initial install, and opening all my programs once, now CIS is quiet. Therefore I think it would benefit from a optional scan of the “program files” directory during install and give the user the option to flag folders/programs as safe right up front.

Okay. Thanks for reply guys. Can you make a LANGUAGE pack for COMODO… DANISH Language.
If I should install it for a NOVICE user that doesnt know much English but lives in Denmark. :slight_smile:

we have volunteers who translated it to their own language…if we can get some danish people to translate it, we will be more than happy to provide it…(i don’t think we have a danish pack…but then again, i might be wrong) :slight_smile:


You don’t have to be advanced user, just read what’s in BOLD when D+ gives you prompt and see what it recommends.
Bold text is introduced so users can understand what is going on.

A sample:
xyz.exe is unknown program, does not have digital signature, wants unlimited access to the system and to the internet, so the program should not be trusted.

See? Just follow the bold text and you can understand most of the messages :-TU

Problem is xyz.exe is often a safe program, and if you sandbox it it may not work properly.

If you are certain that your computer is clean of viruses, you can set D+ to clean pc mode and it will trust what is already on your system, anything new will be analyzed…
That setting is what I use, no problem so far… :slight_smile:

GakunGak - Thanks. I will try that out next time I install CIS on a PC.

Except that don’t leave too many files on the pending list. I did this before and it hogged my system.

My pleasure and respect to you.

Hey, great tip!
I did not know that, I just move them to safe files for those I know are safe… Thanks for the info…

Thanks for the advice. I frequently check my pending list, and mark files safe as needed. Thanks for the advice.