Seems like beta to me.

Just downloaded your latest version and installed in on a 64 bit server 2003. Currently using ntbackup. Like the last version, email does not work, scheduling does not work, scheduled backups do not appear on the Calendar, even though I update the schedule within CB it still states the backup is scheduled 6 days from now even though the isettings are for today. Manual backup is the only thing that seems to work. Do you guys really try it out on other OS’s? Frustrated.

Doing some tests. Exported the backup to a script. Clicking on the script launches CB and it works. I schedule it and all it does is launch CB, no backup occurs.

Creating a batch file with the using the commandline and switches seems to work in the scheduler. Which tells me Comodo might have an issue with the GUI and scheduling. I can work with this now as it seems the backup engine might be ok. Will continue to test throughout the week and will hopefully post back on how it goes.