Seemingly Random Password Saving

I have CD set to “Offer to Save Passwords” in the “Advanced Settings”. Separately, I also use Ghostery extension within CD.
I found that not whitelisting a site will usually cause CD to not offer to save a password.
So, I have whitelisted this site in Ghostery, but still it does not offer to save the password for signing into this site. If I disable Ghostery altogether, it does not offer to save the password either.
There are also a few other sites that CD will not offer to save a password for.
Any ideas??

I have noticed this too at times, I think the answer may be that certain sites have security measures that prevent the saving of passwords.

Just to give an update…
The little gremlins inside my computer must read this forum too. Now, when I open the page to log in to this site, my info is already in the appropriate place and all I have to do is click “ok”.
That’s a step in the right direction and good enough for me.
Have a great day!