see the log of the attacks

please where i can see the type of the attacks that my computer suffered and comodo blocked ? ;D

cheers and thanks for this great protection software

really a piece of mind


CFP 3 doesn’t show what kind of attack that has been blocked (if that’s the case).
Also, an ‘intrusion attempt’ means that something has been blocked, but in most cases it’s not an hacking attempt or attack.
To view the blocked intrusions, you can go to Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events to view the events for today, or click ‘More…’ and ‘All the times’ in the left column to view the full event log. Guessing from the GUI, I suppose it’s the same thing that’s getting blocked a lot of times. Please take a screenshot of the event logs (remember to remove whole/parts of your IP if you’re not using a router). And ‘ekrn.exe’ is related to NOD32, isn’t it?

Also, 55 running processes does sound a bit much… Are you using your PC for something special? I can’t think of a normal PC-user that needs to run that many processes…


Hi Ragwing,

I have 72 apps running, some 18 are “real” apps, rest are windows services (vista SP1).
And i even stripped some services.

Also seed.helper,

Purge your “Pending files” and look up/remove some,600 odd is getting pretty high.If you don`t want them you could move D+ to “Safe” mode but that is up to you.


yes ekrn.exe is from eset

processes lool yeah is a bit to much but i have several services running in the background

dont worry ;D

id love to see log of attacks if existed any attack like you said :wink:

ok Matty_R i have cleaned that

today i have 59 processes xD