securly update programs running in manual sandbox.

add an option to allow programs running in manual sandbox to be able to securly update without any complications for The next time it is run sandboxed or out of the sandbox. allow this to be done on a program by program basis. if the program is a browser then have an additional option to allow extensions to update as well while being sandbox. allow the updates of the program and extension for programs to stick regardless of if they are run sandboxed or not sandboxed

I had to vote no because what your asking for is called “virtual machine” not sandbox. Point of a sand box is to make sure NO changes are saved by said software and anything loaded into memory is shelled in do it gets dumped on sandbox close rather then terminate and reside

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Apparently i stand corrected about the sandbox vs VM
sorry still a no vote at this time as i don’t see a real need for it. But then… most of the time anything that goes into my sandbox shouldn’t anyways…

my understanding is that cis manual sandbox does virtualize and put restrictions on things kinda how Chrome sandbox puts restrictions on things. the auto sandbox only puts ristrictions on things like Chrome but does not virtualize. sandboxie virtualizes but has an auto recovery option for downloads which prompts the user to put what the user downloaded out of the sandbox and in the original destination files would normally be downloaded to. I’m proposing cis add a similer functionality but with whitelisting options specified for allowing the program being sandboxed to update and any extensions that are already installed to update. any new extensions would triger an alert regardless if it’s whitelisted by comodo to prevent things from being installed by accident or by other software. this can be disabled if the user wants. also the user can add exceptions to remember history, bookmarks. basically the user can enable exceptions for anything and can specify what things can use those exeptions. of course if the user wants no exceptions then anything that happens while the program is sandboxed will be forgotten just as it is now. also if the user wants exceptions then the user can choose to use just the whitelist already in cis and then add extra exceptions like bookmarks if they want

That is hard to impossible to implement. I suggest you install the updates outside of the sandbox as those are the base set of files that would not be changed by stuff running inside the sandbox. It’s a bit complicated but coding something like that into CIS would really be next to impossible. You have to analyze each browser to find out how and what needs to be updated plus all add-ons. I don’t think it’s feasible.
As you mentioned Sandboxie: I think it’s auto-recovery function would suit your needs to preserve Sandboxed browser Favorites and such.

actually I didn’t realise but comodo already has the option to allow sandboxed programs to update outside of the sandbox. don’t know if this will include addons