I already have comodo firewall,boclean,ad adware,avg anti spy,avast home edition and super anti spy. I am however thinking of ditching ad adware for spyware terminator! Would this be advisable?

Hi stuartm (:WAV)

Everyone in here has pros and cons for the software they use, advice, mine is if its not broken don’t fix it!

One thing if u ditch ad-aware for spyware terminator then u will have 2x RT applications, will they intefere with each other…??(i don’t know).

Spyware terminator i think has hips also, although AS have lesser dectection rates than Av products so a layerd approach is good, one thing i would suggest is Spywareblaster…low on resources and blocks spyware from ur Os.

Have a look in the ANTI VIRUS/Malware products section under this post…Anti-Spyware Software?
There is a good debate going on.


Thinking of different security because all failed to catch these two except avast during manual scan! win32 dialer-dw win32 QQhelper-x ! Seems i have dropper.agent.ack aswell! Spywareblaster that has realtime protection doesn’t it?

Spywareblaster provides protection for your browser, primarily. It modifies and protects the Hosts file, introduces a blacklist of sites into your browser to stop those from loading, protects against browser hijack, and some similar things. It is not “active” in the sense of a scanner, nor does it do anything to detect malware.

I personally would recommend Spyware Terminator simply because of the HIPS aspect of it (well, and the on-access protection in general). But using a HIPS means you’ll get some popups, so you have to be willing to deal with those. Otherwise, its detection level (I believe) is relatively low, as compared to some other similar products.


Hi stuartm

javacool dose do a RT product( spyware guard ) but i haven’t used it so i couldn’t comment.It is ment to work alongside spywareblaster.

For many years i used spybot sd, ad-aware and spywareblaster and they all seemed to work well, i am using other products now as i thought these were falling behind other software( my opinion ).but i still have spyware blaster.

Currently i have spyware doctor( paid ) and a-squared for scans from time to time.

If u r thinking about spywareblaster it is best to install on a clean system as it will not detect adware currently on ur pc.

whish u all the best with ur search for a good antispyware

Thanks for your information. I tried a free scan with uniblue interesting results! Try it.

Hi stuartm

I tried the uniblue spyware check…hmmmm 48 instances of spyware on my registry(MAYBE TRUE), but the thing that gets me…to remove these bad, harmfull , horrible spyware attrocities, yes you guessed it, YOU HAVE TO PAY. (:SAD)

Hey just to put my mind at rest stuart, what if u dont mind me asking, were your results!! were they similar to mine.

Many Thanks
Novie :■■■■

6 infections Limewire 2, rss toolbar 1, 2 registry trojans cant think of the other! By the way as you guessed these were undetected by a varity of free scans! Hmmm.

I would have my doubts about “uniblue” if I were you :-\

Greetz, Red.

I agree i re installed norton anti spy as i get in my broadband package! This didn’t show any nasties like my other scanners so i would suspect uniblue is not for me. I read some interesting opinions on crawler toolbar who i believe distribute spyware terminator! ie people who believe these applications introduce you to malware . What do others think? I had the toolbar and thought it was fine. Thanx