Security With ZERO Alerts! problem\question

I use the option Security With ZERO Alerts! but I have some questions about it.

When I set it up like described in the original article it does not work completely that way. Wheb I want to install software I need to set CIS in Install\Uninstall mode but also D+ and firewall in training-mode manually.

I find this is a bit to much changing of settings.

Is there a way to change only one setting to achieve this. My thoughts are that with the change to Install\Uninstall D+ and firewall will follow automatically to Training mode. And back to Pro Active D+ and firewall will fo back to their safe setting.

wait… When you switch to installation mode you are allowed to install things etc even while Parental controls are enabled?

Ok this is a trick question… My answer is …Yes.

Only setting to Install\Uninstall mode only gives sometimes an error, after setting D+ most software can be installed. In rear occasions I need to set the firewall also in training mode.


You sound surprised, is something wrong? Or can you help me with my question?

Sorry. If what you say is correct than I think you may have found something (Nothing to do with your original post.)

sorry - I should have answered you first off :smiley:
Unfortunately… There really isn’t anything you can do at the moment… It’s either with alerts or without… There is no happy medium.

Off-Topic ->
Since I do not have comodo installed can someone please check for me, Enabled Parental controls and surpress the alerts for defense+ -> Now switch comodo to installation mode and run an unknown app (one thats not in comodo's rules)

If correct.. and works properly.. Wouldn't this be bypassing parental controls?

I enabled Parental Control, and when trying to switch to Installation Mode I was asked for the password. I suppose that’s the way it should be. I mean, after you type the password you’re disabling Parental Control.


Ok. Thanks Jose. Was just checking as It came across that Eljo said he enabled installation mode while in parental controls. (I forgot about the password…)

Oh yes i also need to enter my password.

This being cleared I have a related issue.

When putting CIS in install mode there is no warning pop-up telling you after a view minutes if you want it to go back to proactive mode. This is a thing people forget fore sure.