Security Test

I tried this test with Avira on, and the program blocked the file download since it had HTML.Malware, according to Avira. But Comodo AV does nothing. Maybe Comodo should add something like Avira has?

What makes it malware is that it tries to read a specific file on the C drive from the browser (it is only a test, but it replicates unwanted behavior).

The test is at

CIS doesn’t have a web filter nor does it have an email filter. That is done by the assumption something only gets dangerous when it is going to be executed. That’s when CIS kicks in.

This helps to keep CIS very light on resources.

Even when I execute the file, nothing happens. Also, are you sure about the web filter? I am using the free edition. I used the Premium edition, but I never use the web filter, and so it was not worth it.

If you’re talking about SafeSurf, that isn’t a web filter. It’s to protect against buffer overflow attacks. That functionality is built into CIS now, so SafeSurf is no longer needed for that protection.

I don’t know if I am being clear. But what I mean is that Avira detects the “reading files from HTML” test as “Heur.HTML.Malware” while the Comodo AV does nothing.

Ummmmmmmm thats a broswer security test. Not a virus scan security test. It tells you that.

Trust me if you go on some real malware/exploits webites CAVS will detect some pages.
Also CIS V4 may get sandboxing built in to the AV, herustics will be a WAY better and your broswer will be sandboxed meaning Mallware Pages wont damage your PC. ;D