Security suites!

Bit of background info:-

This is to replace the suite my dad uses at the moment,and basically i would like your recommendations on the security suites available at the moment.
The computer is not used for any p2p/im, just really basic computing,emails,internet,docs etc.
Pop ups are a bit of a no go as he wouldnt know what to answer and would just click allow every time :-TD I know some would be inevitable to start with but i would like it so i could set it up for him and then forget about it. Its not the fastest pc out there so resource usage on the low side would be a good thing.
Initial fact finding has led me towards Kaspersky but i would appreciate any comments/advise that anyone may have regarding security suites.


ps please don`t say use this av,this firewall,etc etc this must be an all in one suite(i just wish CIS was out :'(maybe next year)

AVG has a Suite? Their firewall is kinda ■■■■ but it provides better protection than windows firewall(it also blocks apps silently so it has almost no popups.) . And if he has a hardware firewall (router) I think it might be good enough. I have used AVG in the past and it was never big on resources. this is the best thing I could think of

KIS is good but slows your pc down. Eset Smart Security is good but the firewall isnt that good. Avira Suite is good but firewall isnt either.

No security suite provides the best protection. Why? There isn’t a single security vendor (at the moment) proving the best protection solution in all fields.

Bottom line: If you want a decent protection, then pick all the best tools out there and build your own suite.

Dark,he said don’t say that. He clearly wants a suite and not build one.

Well, I know that’s not what you want to hear, but - they all suck… :-TD Whatever you pick up, just avoid the yellow one like plague (though, I suspect that’s the one you are replacing :slight_smile: in which case it can’t get any worse for sure).

Yes, indeed.

Well, it just hard to say which all-in-one security application is better. They all have their pros and cons. I guess the best way is to see which one is best for the person who wants it. One may be the best for some people, but then again, for others may not be.

Perhaps I would for McAfee or Symantec suite. They have a pretty good AV and firewall. Not sure about eset’s and kaspersky’s firewalls.

I almost forgot to mention that Outpost security suite went pretty good on VB100 April’s test.

Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro

WildList Viruses: OD - 99.99% ; OA - 99.99%
Worms and Bots: OD - 100.00% ; OA - 100.00%
File infector viruses: OD - 99.21% ; OA 99.21%
Polyphormic Viruses: OD - 79.29% ; OA - 79.29%
Legacy Samples: OD - 99.98% ; OA - 99.98%
False Positives: 2

Try KasperskyIS 2009, fully functional and automated HIPS and FW, great AV, suitable for pros and noobs… :-TU

Norton 360 might be best, as it does everything its self( no popups), and even does extras like defragging and cleaning temp files :slight_smile:

Well yeah, if you are after turning your quad core 3GHz box with 2+ gigs of RAM into a Pentium-I, then definitely go for Symantec products. No other virus is capable of competing with Symantec in this respect. As a bonus, you’ll receive useless technical “support” from India, charging $30 per incident and - as a free bonus - forums that ban users who point out issues known for years yet still unsolved. Ideal choice for a dedicated masochist.

(:NRD) (:AGY)

I would also suggest Norton 360.

My Dad purchased it for His PC & My Sis. Works fine, no pop ups or anything.

For the older-non tech folks, Norton 360 for a suite is the way to go. Me? I am not satisfied with any current suites today, Hope CIS changes that.



Im using Norton 360, and I havent noticed any slowdowns at all.
Honestly, im getting really tired of all this Norton/Symantec hate…

I know you said suites only, but since the reason is that you want to set and forget, I recommend this, you’ll get no popups (unless an infection is detected) and great protection:

Windows Firewall
Avira AntiVir (the free Personal edition is enough)
Comodo BOClean
Comodo Memory Firewall
PCTools ThreatFire

Quite light on system resources I might add, BOClean 4.26 is the biggest eater. ThreatFire may be excluded if you really want, but if your dad’s computer can take it (only 8 MB of memory) it would be a nice addition. Everything above plays along together nicely and their hooks aren’t slowing down my system in the least noticeable measure (I have dual core though).

I know what you all think about the Windows Firewall, but Matty wants zero popups, and outbound control is only relevant in a scenario where you’re already infected–and so it shouldn’t be called outbound “protection”. No suite has a leakproof firewall anyway, or do they? (Until CIS is out… ;D)

I’d say running as limited is the most important thing, but I guess your dad won’t swallow it. Let’s hope he uses Vista, UAC should be a replacement for it.

That’s right guys, don’t post any more “Norton sucks” stuff if you don’t want Comodo sued or your posts modded, not necessarily in that chronological order. :P0l

In one of the pcs of my company that had Norton 360 it worked wonderfully. The computer booted but couldn’t enter any programs at all. The pc was useless. Had to boot in safe mode and use norton removal tool. Those that say that Norton doesn’t consume resources is because they haven’t run their pcs without it to notice the difference. Considering all new brand pcs come with Norton is no surprise they don’t know the full speed of their computer.

Keep em coming folks,ive still got a couple of weeks before i make a decision so ive plenty of research time.Kaspersky seems top at the moment,or maybe Outpost or F-secure or Avira,“my head hurts”

:■■■■ Matty

ps Its not a symantec product on his pc,its a.n.other but what i will say is,all in all it uses about 110,000K :-TD (from initial fact finding expeditions it seems norton 360 is much improved resource wise)

Spot on! Uninstalling this yellow resource hog is like a huge hardware upgrade - for free. 88)

Back to the original question - really still unsure; generally at least the firewall part is generally rather sub-par compared to specialized products. :-\

In addition to security suites (which I don’t know any to recommend, sorry), may I also suggest another browser than IE? Unless he already has that?

I reinstalled my parents system two days ago. Their computer is a few years old so I wanted reliable and effective programs. Besides, they hardly know how to handle popups. Thus I chosed CFP 2.4 for the firewall part (I also launched all programs that require connections to pre-create rules), and avast! Home Edition for antivirus. For browsing I installed Firefox 3.0 with Adblock Plus. My parents have always used IE but I suggested FF as it should be more secure and it blocks ads. The main parts (address field, tab bar, buttons etc.) are similar so migrating shouldn’t be difficult.


I’d recommend Eset Smart Security or Trend Micro internet security pro, I’ve used both of them. My grandFather uses TrendMicro and he’s 80, Or around there lol. You can set either of them up to have an automated responce to a threat and no pop-ups… for example

(Both)If a threat is found: Clean and quarantine
(Both)If object can’t be cleaned: Delete and back up to quarantine
(Trend) Take action reccomended by security experts.

You can have a “Automatic” firewall, which won’t alert you unless something is suspecious, And this very very rarely happens. This applies for both suites.

They are both set and forget.

Norton 360 doesn’t show ANY alerts. Even if a threat is found. It is very light on resources & Great for those old folks.

No offense to anyone or anything meant.

Before you use norton360 I’d use CA Internet Suite Kinda expensive for security software but I have a friends who uses only CA and he goes on about not being infected in the past 3 years and etc. Personally I’d use CA over Norton any day.