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I’m (after the "wrong cavs update-disaster) interested again in comodo! But everytime I visit, I think: There are 4 or 5 free programs and they are great, but why isn’t Comodo combining these products to one great free (or very cheap) security suite! Because you’ve got a free firewall, a free back-up program, a free anti-malware program and a free anti virus/spyware program. So if you can combine these great products to 1 application (like MS OneCare, but then much better) you’ll get much more costumers and (maybe) some companies which are interested in supporting comodo!!

Am I talking $#!t, or is this a great idea?[/b]

Please let me know what you think!


This is a great idea, but many users prefer separate products as Security Suites tend to become bloatware most of the time :-.

I personally would love a Comodo security suite.

check out this forum,

What about an option.
People who want CAVS,CPF,BOclean etc separately can download them separately.
For Those who want a combined security suit ,a security suit can be developed.
It would be a extra work but will work

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I did not saw that topic/poll! Excuse me!
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No Prob


yeah that sounds cool and then make it for vista and all other operating systems (B) (J) (L) (R) (S)

Just remember guys…

Comodo Memory Guardian, Comodo BOClean, Comodo Antivirus/Antispyware 3 (When it is released) are eventually going to be integrated into Comodo Firewall Pro 3, Starting with CMG :slight_smile:

They will all be optional components during installation of CFP 3, and as Melih stated on a Topic, You will be able to install these things in different combinations :), like how Defense+ is currently optional during installation.

So remember, That is very close to a “security suite”.

Hmmm… I wonder if Comodo’s Backup and the other free products will be integrated into it?

Josh. 8)

i didn’t notice this topic while posting this:

how do you like the idea? a truly modular Comodo Security suite and surely less extra work for developers - instead of developing two separate firewalls - one standalone and one inside security suite - they only need to maintain compatibility with all apps!

a security suite would own

that is a great new and a smart way of choosing optional components to comodo firewall. It could be called security suit after that. Idea of such producs rocks.

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