security status notifications dialogue box query

Hi,I have used CPF previously a few years back,and see that it is much improved now.
However,there is still this one thing thing that I battle with.
The notification dialogue box sometimes pops up with left/right arrows,showing there are more than one notifications.
I would like to see these notifications so I can make an educated decision on each one.
Without fail,every time I click on these arrows to move to the next one, the notification box disappears,and up to 20 notications just vanish.This is very frustrating.
I dont know how to bring these notifications back so I can look at them again.
I did see a place I can tick to increase the time the box stay on screen without doing anything(120 sec).I have not timed it,but I am definately sure that the box is dissappearing before the 120 sec limit is reached.
I also saw the place where I can select how many notifications show(ALERT FREQUENCY LEVEL)
but I like it at level 2(the default I think)

so,in conclusion.I need the box to stay until I have finished going through all the notifications and made my selections.OR a way to bring the box back so I can do the above.


I am not 100% sure, so someone have to correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that it is the same notification you see. You get one, and if you don’t answer that one, and a new notification (exactly the same as the first one) comes, the number increase by one…and if many notifications come in…you see 4, 6, 12…20 notifications and so on…

So you only need to act on the first popup-window.