security setup non comodo

Hi My brother wants a decent security setup for vista but cis looks a bit to complex for him! (I said I would run it through training but he still has doubts) Would avira 9 (free or paid) high heuristics with guard, windows FW & threatfire be a reasonable compromise? By the way can you still download cmf? Any replys appreciated.

Well, if you think Comodo is to hard to understand for your brother, I wouldn’t sujest Threatfire either. However, Comodo isn’t so hard is it ?

I sujest you use Geswall then

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PCtool firewall + Avira free :-TU

simple, no pop up. (slower than using CIS though)

Not for me it isn’t ! The thing is alot of people are like my brother & not bothered to run in a firewall nevermind HIPS!

Then use geswall until CIS V4 comes out :slight_smile:


Will cis4 have less pop ups then? ps its my brother with the cis phobia not me! I’ll install geswall for him. I’ve found a link for CMF download could he install this? Thanks

CMF would be buggy I think ? I’m not sure if you would need this if you run Geswall…