SECURITY: Running Comodo on Windows XP with ADMINISTRATIVE privileges

After installing Comodo FW 3 Free on Windows XP as administrator and logging into my normal user account I found that I could not launch Comodo with administrative privileges. THIS IS BAD!!!

So I can manually start using RUNAS.EXE under Windows XP. Thus, I tried using a batch script that asks for the Admin PW on boot and placing this in STARTUP scripts using the GPO editor in Windows XP Pro.
Unfortunately this does not work so I nest tried modifying the registry entry for Comodo in HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/RUN to use RUNAS and again this doesn’t work (FREAKING MS). The real problem is that Windows itself is an insecure OS and RUNAS.EXE needs improvement.

However, Comodo should start without needing admin privileges and this is a significant security flaw. I realize that it is a free product presently but its aim is to secure a system and if I must run the program as administrator this is NOT secure.

If anyone has any ideas on how to start the program as a normal USER in Windows XP please advise.

If you believe that it is safe to run an operating system as administrator please do not reply and go work for Bill Gates who must not really care about security.

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