Security questions for comodo cloud.

Security questions.

Does CC encrypt and decrypt the files/folders on your local PC before being sent over onto the Comodo servers? Can no one at Comodo ever access our sensitive data?

How is the password stored that is used with the account of the Comodo cloud? Does the end user only have the password? Is the password salted?

Looking for a kind of Lastpass & Wuala kind of privacy protection. Client side encryption.


LastPass strongly believes in using local encryption, and locally created one way salted hashes to provide you with the best of both worlds for your sensitive information: Complete security, while still providing online accessibility and syncing capabilities. We've accomplished this by using 256-bit AES implemented in C++ and JavaScript (for the website) and exclusively encrypting and decrypting on your local PC. No one at LastPass can ever access your sensitive data. We've taken every step we can think of to ensure your security and privacy.


Wuala protects your privacy

All files are directly encrypted on your desktop. Your password never leaves your computer. Not even we as the provider can access your files or your password.

Does Comodo cloud contain these same practices as Lastpass and Wuala?

Reading the online documentation, my guess is that the “backup” option with a password is in theory “zero knowledge”. The syncronisation looks like it won’t be, it’ll just be encrypted between the client and comodo’s servers. However the web page says “Your data is securely encrypted during the download/upload processes [and while in storage on our servers. Nobody, apart from you, will ever be able to access or intercept your files”. It would be good to get an official response from Comodo…

The data is stored encrypted in CCloud servers.
The transfer is encrypted (including for simple uploads or sync).
For a higher layer of protection you can use cbu (COMODO Backup) encrypted backups with an encryption algorithm of your choice and encrypted with your own password.