Security Problems After Update (Avast)

Since this update everytime i log in i get a warning telling me i’m not protected. when i click the shortcut in the tray (a red shield like thing with a white X) i get

Pressing “Turn On Now” doesn’t work.

The only way i’ve managed to correct it is my disabling everything on Comodo (Firewall,Hips etc) and then exiting THEN switching Avast antivirus off Then opening the above and Pressing “Turn On Now”. once thats done i switch everything back on and everythings fine but i’m having to do this on every log in.

Any ideas how to correct this?


edit: plus i keep getting a Comodo short cut on my desktop, i must have deleted 20 times

Is Avast actually off or does windows security center only warns you? If you want you can do a clean uninstall/install. What OS are you using?

Avast is running when security center warns me. Avast is fully up to date too.

OS is Vista, it’s an old desktop i have. i’m just glad i never used Comodo on my laptop.

What is the best way to do a clean uninstall/install of Comodo? just use Revo Uninstaller?

  1. uninstall from programs and features normally then reboot.
  2. run this tool with run as administrator right-click menu reboot when finished. And run this removal tool from here.
  3. download & install only the cfw installer from the bottom of this post here.

Hi, i’ve had a lot of personal problems and it completely slipped my mind i had to do this.

I’ve just had a pop up from COMODO asking me to install the newest update.

What is the best thing for me to do? do the above and then the new install or just install the new update?

Thanks for your help

anyone? :cry:

Just uninstall from control panel, reboot, then download and run the newest installer from the release topic. If it doesn’t uninstall properly then run the removal tools.

Definitely follow the procedure, it works all the time.

Thanks for the advice guys. do i have to do a system restore ponit? i’m not sure how to do it

I’m on Vista not 10. or should i be installing the one marked Comodo Firewall?

Makes not much sense to have 2 Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Softwares running at the same time, choose 1 of them, pretty sure both are great, and practically equally good. Now Vista… it was classified as Malware by millions of people, so I recommend you make a clean install, NOT upgrade, to Win 8.1, if you have 4 GB of RAM or higher, go 64-bit, way better and faster than Win 7, except for Metro, but everything else is better than Win 7 and since Win 7 is the fixed ver. of Vista you’ll have quite the upgrade, I think this would solve your problem to satisfaction

Yes if you don’t want comodo AV installed.

This seems to have worked, thank you :slight_smile:

I’m being asked to update is it fine to update? thanks

Yes it is to update the VirusScope recognizer as it gets installed after CIS install.