Security Policy "Remove" and "Delete" buttons too close in meaning and position!

I clicked-on a bad email link this morning, and CIS sandboxed the nasties–now what to do about them. I eventually caught-up with them under Computer Security Policy’s Blocked Files tab, but there, in my distressed mode, I accidentally clicked on Remove for one of the four bad executables, where I’d meant to click instead on Delete. Luckily I knew exactly where it was and I Add-ed it back right away.

As I understand them, Remove means “this thing’s ok, take it out of Blocked Files” whereas Delete means “get this bloody thing out of my PC NOW!!!”.

May I respectfully suggest, while I am still somewhat shaken by this attack this morning, that these are WAY TOO CLOSE in MEANING and in LOCATION.

If it were designing the dialog, I would do the following:
Delete File
Unblock File ← formerly “Remove”

In this way, the most dangerous selection is the last to be considered.

Please give this some further thought–Comodo your end-users who rarely see attacks (mine is the first ever since acquiring CIS in the springtime) are confused and panicky as they try to untangle the results of an attack by nasties.exe…

Thank you!