Security or lack of it!

Hi, No matter how many times I tell people the virtues of CIS, SAS & MBAM I get the same reply! I,ll stick with what I have I’ve never had a virus! Well I remember my 1st setup norton = slow machine,virrii & spyware not too badly infected though. 2nd system machine mcafee more of the same. Now with full CIS 3.14 & immunet protect (trialling 4 on another machine) things are good touch wood! I did use nod AV but unfortunately for me it seriously slowed my browsing but it did the protection nicely. So I get to work today I ask a colleague who’d been having trouble “did you run SAS & MBAM”? Reply " I didn’t get a chance! I had to reinstall a keylogger cleaned me out everything"! So how do you changed peoples outlook to security? If they’re not open minded you don’t even after a disaster!