Security on Phones? Why?

Ehm… why put an security on Phones when you DON’T download anything? ??? Did I miss something here? :-\ :cry:

People download music, videos, ringtunes/tones, applications, etc. on their cell phones (if they are even still called that) these days.

Part of the phones are on Windows. That in its self is a problem as Windows is the most targeted OS because everybody and their mother uses it. It is too good a target.

Part of the malware being spread abuses, or used to abuse, unpatched security server side vulnerabilities ; typically unpatched mysql vulnerabilities , to propagate user side vulnerabilities.

To get back to your thesis. Sometimes loading a well known page which database software is not up to date will get you infected. Life sometimes 's a b… :frowning:

as smart phones become more and more common evil people will start using nefarious methods to get money from people by takin over there phones with viruses i mean look at he apple thing where they took down a fradulant app

Aight, now I understand. ;D But will the Security only be for Windows Phones?

No, Symbian operating system is being used by many.
Nokia Mobile phones like E Series have Symbian Third Edition(S60v3) OS.
Also N series phones and 6120c have S60 Third edition OS.
Nokia touch screen phones like 5800 xpress music have s60v5 right?(i dont remember).

But N900 has a linux based OS. I forgot its name. Anyone?

So u cannot really rule out possibility of malware there.
There are anti-virus solutions like Netqin, Kaspersky mobile version, and also F-Secure. These are available for Symbian OS.

None of them is free either ;D

Because smart phones run like an OS. Unfortunately, they mostly run Windows, the most targeted OS. Now days people download music, games, and other stuff onto their phones. The Comodo Mobile version will protect you from all of the fake apps they are attempted to be sold.

Smart phones do NOT mostly run Windows as their OS.

Yes they do… Do some research. About half of them do. Don’t reply to something without facts.

Oh the irony…

Smartphone - Wikipedia - OS shares of current sales.

First of all, NO smart phone runs “Windows”. Some run “Windows Mobile”, which does NOT share the majority of Windows’ vulnerabilities, rendering your original point obsolete (exe’s, dll’s are not methods of exploit propogation on Windows Mobile). So shall we have a look at “Windows Mobile” market share? Here it is:

Let me quote it for you, in case you miss it:

It is the 5th most popular smartphone operating system, with a 2% share of the worldwide smartphone market

You clearly don’t know anything about the smart phone market. Even common sense would have lead you to realise that the largest smartphone providers: Blackberry (RIM), Nokia (Symbian), Apple (IOS), and Android phones all do not use “Windows” or “Windows Mobile”.

To say to someone “do your research”, whilst having no clue what so ever, is both insulting (especially given how easy the facts were to find, and given that it would have taken you 1 minute to check your absurd statement), and inconsiderate.

Please, in the future, be more considerate to other users, and don’t try to be condescending when you don’t know something - this will not help you make any friends, and more often than not you’ll end up looking foolish (at best), or like a troll (at worst).

Just like begemot said. and now the new samsung bada OS. Now I’m thinking in who need to do some research before talking.

Well, something iOS 4(Iphone 4) can it also be infected/Will comodo be there to protect it? :stuck_out_tongue: