Security & NSA


as some vendors like google forward communication to NSA (which would be against the country law of the country where i live) , i began to wonder wether Comodo Dragon is really save.

Will if give away bank logins etc. to NSA? Will every private communication to friends be given to NSA? Even the most private details between man and women?

The curiosity rises as Comodo is an US company, and Dragon is a Chrome browser…

Could you answer if you are really secure, or if security is only a lib service?

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Let me first stress that this is all based on speculation etc, nothing can be said certain.
But I think there are a few things we could come up with here.

  1. giving away bank logins?
    If your browser makes a SSL encrypted connection with your bank, neither Comodo nor Google are able to listen in, it’s between you and your bank.
    BUT if you for example would save your bank credentials and ‘synchronize’ them they would be stored in ‘some’ cloud belonging to US companies that can forced to give up that data.

So in first instance NO I don’t think they can give away your logins, unless you store them in some cloud then you might be vulnerable to such action.

  1. private communication?
    What communication are you talking about? browser/email etc? it all depends very well on the application used and how that infrastructure is build.

I think he might be referring to security concerns around Google Chrome - since it is known that using Google as a search engine stores your searches (matching them up with your browser and IP, as I understand it). I have also read that there are concerns around Google’s build of Chrome as well, as to whether it transmits any additional information, or the presence of “back doors”, etc.

I expect the exposure of PRISM, etc has increased the downloads of CD (and a possible migration to other search engines) - so much for Google’s old mantra of “Do no evil”.

And yes, I am now trying out CD as well :slight_smile:

(though I like the angled design of Chrome’s tabs, as opposed to the default rectangular tabs, like FireFox, or CD’s - hoping there might be a plug-in out there for this - or maybe the CD Team can make the shape a nice option! :slight_smile: )