Security Needs of Large Businesses in Data Security


         Just came across this,2933,343028,00.html

It is a growing problem for commercial businesses that need to keep their customers security as safe as their own.

There will be many companies targeting them with different software packages ?

Two things that I thought might help slow down the malware siphon, is a White List that a company would add “ALL” programs on each computer and server that are validated as authorized and at the same time notify of any changes to those programs even during update, the IT Security department would need to allow any changes.

Next all inbound and outbound IP addresses would be restricted to those authorized by the IT Security department. No other IP addresses would be allowed. Unless the IT department allows it on certain computers, even trying to connect to these Comodo Forums should be blocked.

This will not completely stop Malware from getting on those computers or servers, but in conjunction with programs like CFP with HIPS, CMF, BoClean, etc it will make it extremely difficult to be installed or to function.