Security monitors in CFP turned off

im guessing i post this here i only just signed up
ne how
when i open my comodo frewall i have the four monitors there, it says i need to activate them but when ii go into the corresponding area to turn them on, when i click turn on, nothing happens, it just stays off
can u plz tell me how i can sort this
thanks purple_devil

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At the “summary” tab, put “computer security level” ar custom :wink:

thanks man, and i just downloaded the comodo anti-virus with a few activation probs umm, cld u help me sorry to be a pain, ne how thanks for the help on the firewall, wrkin fine now :BNC

You are welcome. :■■■■

what kind of problems?

Hi, mine is not so much a problem as a question. I have the firewall configured fine and it works great, the issue is that sometimes it will move from custom to either allow all or block all by itself. I dont play with it most of the time but sometimes I will be reading e-mail or some such thing and either the windows security alert comes up and says that I dont have a firewall on or I cant access anything on the internet and this usually comes out to be the problem. So if anyone could shed some light on this that would be great.

Thanks :slight_smile:


If you right-click the CPF icon, you will see “Adjust Security Level” as one of the options.

Apparently it’s very sensitive, and if a user “super-clicks” (especially in the systray area), level can inadvertently be adjusted; it usually seems to go downwards, although some have reported that it blocks all. I had this occur once to me… I slowed down/paid more attention to my clicking, and have not experienced it again.


I have the same problem you responded to (can’t turn anything on under Security Monitoring) except the problem is still there even though I have the program set to custom. Only the “Network Monitor” can be turned on. I am running the most recent version. Any other suggestions. Thanks.


Only time I’ve really seen something like this happen is when the firewall has been manually stopped, and restarted, or when trying to keep it from starting automatically with Windows.

Not saying you’ve done either, but just in case…

You might try rebooting; that has been known to solve a number of minor issues with computers & software.


Little Mac

Thanks for your response. Checked out your suggestions and everything else I could think of. Still having problems getting some of the modules started. I am hardwired directly to a LinkSys router (not networked) which connects me to the internet (ATT DSL). The router is there to provide a wireless connection for my wife’s notebook computer. I have been using Zonealarm (have switched back to their new 7.0 version until I can reconsider Comodo) with the router with no problems. Any other suggestions are welcome.


Check your system for remnants of ZA… this is the common cause of a lot of problems. Look for drivers, services, registry entries.

It’s always a good idea when switching between firewalls to completely clean out everything from the old one; typically a good registry cleaner is sufficient, but it’s not bad to identify and deactivate any remaining services (which will sometimes remain behind). A fair number of users have had this issue when changing from ZA to CFP.

Also, when installing any software (especially security software) it’s a very good idea to deactivate/turn off any other security software (antivirus, antispy, registry monitor, etc), as they may cause some hidden conflicts with the installation of the new firewall.

The only reason I am aware of for a problem like what you are experiencing, is something went amiss on the install of CPF. The two things I’ve mentioned are the most common (but not only) reasons. With any software, sometimes the slightest blip in the system can cause the most confusing issues. Unfortunately, that’s computers…



Thanks for the very complete response. I appreciate your time. I will redo the install with all of the other security items turned off and I will manually remove all ZA references from the registry, the Services area, etc. It should work since others do not seem to be having any problems. For general interest, I did find a service (True Vector…) still running even though ZA was uninstalled.

No problem; keep us posted.

Should work without a hitch, yes. Not quite the same as will work. That’s not saying it won’t; as you point out, there are many without any such problem. As I said before, sometimes computers are just glitchy, and things don’t work that should. Computers are all about logic, but sometimes they seem completely illogical. ???