Security monitoring won't enable.


xp pro sp2
Laptop and desktop connected to a cable router (LAN) and sharing internet. I installed CPF on both machines and the version on the laptop seems to be running fine. The desktop version shows monitoring switched off and I can’t activate any of them. Reinstalls don’t seem to help.

Any advice welcome.
If a hijack this log is handy let me know.


Hi and welcome to the forums. First, is the setup file for Comodo on your same partition as your OS partition, OS>C: Comodo setup.exe>C: ? Do you have any other firewalls, Anti-virus installed? did you download a different copy for each? Different activation key for each?



Hi Paul

Yes I think you are right.
Things have escalated a bit since yesterday. After a virus scan and an adware removing session I have lost the functionality of my add/remove software controls and am getting a IE plugins error 0x80004003 xp pro warning at startup which after googling appears quite serious.

Will try and find a fix or third party utility for the add/remove and download a version direct to the apropriate partition. If that doesn’t work I will try your beta for the desktop.

Yes I have all the usual anti ware: avg, lavasoft, spybot after a pc cillen scan the desktop went nuts. Will disable avg on the next install and have no other firewalls active at startup CPF.

Thanx for the speedy reation.

You are welcome :), just a note, you should never have 2 firewalls running as they will conflict with eachother. Get your pc fixed and cleaned up as you said, and once in working order then you will likely have no problems. One good anti-virus will do the same as 5, as will a firewall. Too many security apps can cause more harm than good so pick what you feel is the best and go with it. :wink: