Security monitoring is all OFF at startup

Since upgrading to 2.4 I have had problems with the four security monitors not turning on.
When I first boot the computer, the Windows security centre informs me that the Comodo firewall isn’t running and the the popup over the taskbar icon says that Comodo is initialising. After a delay, four info boxes open which say that the monitors are not on and that I should try reinstalling Comodo to fix the problem. After another delay these 4 boxes disappear, the icon stays blue, but the popup now says that all systems are up and running, and the Windows security warnng disappears. If I open the main Comodo window, all the applications are OFF and the protection Strength is Bad.

I have this problem on 2 machines, both are running XP Pro and Avast.

I have reinstalled Comodo and tried the script for the windows security center problem, this seems to fix the problem for a couple of reboots but then it comes back.

Is there any thing else I can try.


Hi Sagbag, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Firstly, please ignore anything that Windows Security Center says. CFP normally responds in the manner you’ve described when there is another security product installed that is preventing from CFP from either installing or running its system drivers/services. I can say that both Windows Firewall & Avast are not an issue in this regard.