Security Levels [RESOLVED]

The other day while installing a programme Commodo asked me if I wanted to go into Installation mode. Did not know you could select this, where can I find it to select it next time I want to install something?

Right clicking on the tray icon brings up Firewall and Defence + Security levels. Both set to Safe Mode. Is this the standard setting for usage?

I think the installation mode buttom is only in the V3 of the firewall, not?

Go to the opening screen, then you see in the lower right corner “Switch to installation mode”.
That’s it :slight_smile:

V3 : use safe mode on both (firewall & defense+) :-TU :-TU :-TU

attached (installation mode), btw if you choose “treat this application as==> installer or updater” on Defense+ pop up message, there will be question if you want to put defense+ on instalation mode.

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Found it guys thanks for that!