Security Level setting in Firewall (NEWBIE) [RESOLVED]

Just installed comodo on my T60 (ZoneAlarm slowed down the system). Don’t understand how to set up the basic security level for the firewall: I’m using a cable modem connected to a linksys wireless router for home use. Do I set protection to “High” or “Custom” - if custom, what do I have to set up. Totally clueless.

First, I’d like to welcome you at the forums (:WAV)

Just leave it with the default settings and you will be fine.

Since you use a wireless router take a look at this,361.0.html

Also check the FAQ,897.0.html

if you have a specific question that is not answered at the guide that comes with CPF or at the faq feel free to ask again.

Thanks for your answer. I’m not sure what the default setting is for protection level. There does not seem to be a “restore defaults” option, and I don’t remember what the initial setting the program chose during its installation.

If you have not deleted/modified any rules under the “Network monitor”, probably you will be ok. Just go at the “advanced” tab and “click” default. (but leave unchecked the option “secure the host while booting”) sometimes causes problems

Fine - I set to default in the advanced tab. Still unclear about the lowest planel labelled security setting: 3 choices: allow all, custom, or High. Which is appropriate for a modem/wireless router??? I think I’m missing something!!

You mean “Computer security level”?

“Block all” = every comunication is blocked
“Custom” = communication allowed by the rules that you have at CPF (this is the correct setting)
“Allow all” =everything is allowed (as if the firewall was disabled) (never use this one, especially with wifi)

Yes, computer security level. I’ve set it to custom - Thank you infinitely for your patience and help. Much appreciated.