Security Level Changes on startup?

???Hi to all. New member here and I have a question that I haven’t seen addressed in any of the forums - at least I couldn’t find it. When I turn on my PC in the morning (and leave it on all day) I notice that the PC is running sluggishly, especially when I try to go to the Internet. The first time this happened, I decided to check my firewall to see if it was having a problem with IE. I found that my security level was “set” at “allow all”! so I changed it to “custom” and things worked better. However, the next morning, I had the same problem and when I checked the firewall, it was back at “allow all”! I can’t find a default setting if there is one and I’m a little stumped. Anyone have any ideas as to what might be happening - operator error or application setting or hacked?

Not a PC novice but still learning about Comodo - dumped Kerio, Outpost, ZA and a few others before coming here. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I have not heard of this issue, you may wish to submit a ticket to support so if this is a bug they can send it to development and have it fixed in future releases.