security in the trusted network?

Hi all, newbie to Comodo here. I have just read the Installation guide by LittleMac and have a question for step 3. Correct me if I’m wrong (and forgive me if I sound stupid because I probably will) but I take it defining a new trusted network would mean your PC is accessible to all computers on the network, which if true is a problem for me since I have privacy issues like whoa. :-[ (Not to mention my journal’s in there and I have no plans of letting my family see it…) :-[ Is there a way to go about this step without compromising your PC’s security in the network?

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That set of rules is mainly to allow your router to communicate with you. More than likely you would get an alert from the firewall if another PC tried to connect. You could also turn off file sharing and remote desktop.

But if you want to be sure they are blocked without having to disable the above stuff then you could write rules that would block any other PC’s by their IP address.

Would look something like this for each PC:

BLOCK=check the checkbox to log
Source IP: IP of other PC
Destination IP: your IP address or just use ANY
Source Port: ANY
Destination Port: ANY

You would need to write a rule for each PC to make it more readable. You would then need to place the rule(s) above the Trusted Network rules so that it/they would be seen first in line before the allow Trusted Network rules.

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Thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile: Your advice did help clear up some things, but it also unfortunately led to more questions: What if you’re all sharing the same IP address because you’re all using 1 router? (Or am I just enlightening all of you on my computer-illiteracy?)

Let me correct myself here first. You would get a block event in the firewall log and not a popup alert. Sorry I knew what I meant just nobody else did.

If you mean router as a separate router device between a cable or dsl modem and your PC then it should have a dhcp server in it that will assign different IP addresses to each PC.