Security in Browsers

There’s an article in The Reg. about the futility of browsers’ attempts to provide protection based on whitelisting.

I wonder how Comodo’s imminent Security Suite will address this.

Thanks for all that information (R)

Sorry to say, but the article you have referenced is about the futility of BLACKlisting.

“blacklisting” = block a list of bad things and allowing everything else - even unknown bad things

“whitelisting” = allow a list of known good things and block all else until proven safe

True (pwned) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm this article may be good reading for the ones who think that a choice of browser or a new feature will make them impervious…

However the generic press is a very very bad site to be informed about any specialized technical topic, be it computing, scientific, etcetera. For example:

But there's more to like about Firefox, including faster loading Web pages and virtual immunity from dreaded spyware and adware.

LMAO read the whole thing.

Grossman, for example, uses Firefox with the NoScript, Flashblock, SafeHistory, Adblock Plus and CustomizeGoogle add-ons for most of his web surfing, all to improve on the less-than-ideal state of today's web. When visiting financial sites, he switches to an obscure browser that he refuses to name. By treading off the beaten path, he says, he's less likely to get hit by an exotic zero-day exploit, which can sell on the underground market for tens of thousands of dollars if it targets a popular browser.

Maybe he uses the browser MorphOS REBOL suggests:;msg168402#msg168402

Interesting article by the way.


Sorry - I was being negative.

CAVS 3 will use blacklisting & a white listing approach… Just FYI.