security flaw in cms

a feature must be added to allow password protection of the programs manager in cms.

at the moment you can use app protector to password protect programs as well as password protecting the use of android market and phones application management. but if you go into cms you can remove cms without having to enter a password. therefore making app protector pointless!

this really is a silly security hole and can be fixed very simply.
i would very much like to have this added to cms in next update.

i think you can add the setting to the protected list…

unfortunately adding the settings to the protected list still doesnt stop cms from being uninstalled via the software management utility in cms just stop u to getting into setting without pwd.
but android wont tell you the app’s name when try to uninstall an app.
although there r some methods to get it beyond sdk, but they may not work in some device.

a password for accessing the cms utilities would be the easiest fix

but you can still uninstall it using some other app mangers >:(

but not if you used cms app protector on those apps as well :slight_smile:

that may be a good idea.
but…i can download and install a new one…

how if the market and browser are lock down by app protector

finally someone who understands what im getting at ;p

what would be really nice is if Android market accounts and Android its self had a setting to password protect all or user defined apps and password prompt for apps being installed. that way we wouldn’t have to lock down browsers and the market. you know how annoying it is to put in a password just to use a browser or download an app. it wouldn’t be so bad if we could put in a pattern instead of a password as paterns can be complicated but at the same time easy to remember and faster to put in