Security Error Online Storage Upload

Hi Guys,

Everything used to work fine, but now I’ve started getting ‘Security Error’ when trying to upload via the website and so unable to upload any files or documents ??? - attached.

Windows 7 64bit - COMODO Dragon 15

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Does this happen with other browsers?
Maybe it’s some network or firewall setting that is blocking access to comodo server?


Hi Emanuel,

It used to work O.K but now I get the error. It is on a company network ( that is why I can’t use the COS software ) so there may have been a change somewhere either on the network or firewall. I tried with IE9 but after clicking on the Upload link the window that opens ‘upload files to current folder’ the ‘Browse For files’ box at the bottom left only shows a red x, and does not work.



Could it be that your company network blocks some ports?
I assume download works fine.
We made some change a few weeks ago in upload process and it uses 8443 port.


Hi Emanuel,

With the port change a few weeks ago, this would tie in with the upload process failing as Port 8443 is probably being blocked by the company firewall. This is a pity with the COS software not working through a Proxy and now the web upload not working I’ll have to revert back to Backing up a word document & spreadsheet on a USB drive. :frowning:

I still use CB & COS at home as they work great - keep up the good work :-TU

P.S Is it safe to delete the .tmp folders located in my account on the site?

Bob :rocks:

Yes, it’s safe to delete them.
The problem with the port will be fixed in the next release.