"Security considerations" vanished

Hi there,

I’ve been using this superb firewall since it has been published - but now, with the latest version, I have the problem that I does not show the “security considerations” as it had shown them before. I don’t know why - nothing was changed on the pc.

Everytime software wants to connect to the internet for example, it shows the alert but the field “security considerations” stays empty. It is somehow annoying and I hope I can fix this problem easily.

Is there anyone who knows what to do now?

Thank you!


I’m not sure why this happens, but it might be due to a corrupt install. Seems like something is missing, so try to do a complete uninstall and then reinstall CFP3. Hopefully, it’ll solve the problem. Don’t forget to export your configuration :wink:


Also make sure your using the LATEST version, always.