Security Combinations Question

I’ve read that if you have to many virus scanners or Firewalls running at the same time, they conflict lowering the protection of your pc is this the case ??? Cause my command bar looks like a Christmas stocking bursting at the schemes with presents (Ontop of Comodo Firewall+ Antivirus Respectively) wondering if it’s over kill.

Yes, you shouldn’t have more than one antivirus application running at the same time. Some people even say you shouldn’t have an antivirus and antimalware running at the same time. I tend to agree with them in general. :wink: This concern is for products with real-time protection only.

Really you should probably just have CIS running and have other scanners as on-demand only.

If you necessary need a second layer of protection use immunet; they are nice to your current AV.

When it’s about running two firewalls working at the same time use ZA with windows firewall; I have tried to run ZA and windows firewall and it works with any problem. I prefer to run comodo’s firewall.

BUT use CIS(together with immunet)!