Security cert warning upon boot?

I installed Comodo firewall on a new computer and there appears to have been an update yesterday morning. I rebooted the computer several times since the Comodo update.

This morning upon boot I was greeted with a warning about the attached file [never mind, the forums won’t let me attach it], saying that revocation information for the cert was not available.

I saved the cert to disk and did not install it, pending some kind of explanation of why such a warning would appear upon boot under these circumstances.

Thanks in advance.

[actually, the board wouldn’t let me upload the cert… not sure why]

[also, the forum keeps telling me that I last posted 1 second ago when it was much longer, and then when I try again it says I have already posted that same message when I actually haven’t, and I’m having to copy the message, start the posting process again, and paste it in before it will actually post… actually now I can’t even do that after several tries… oh well, I guess if you see this message then it posted eventually, but this is very odd behavior for an online discussion forum]