Security Center says Comodo not on?

Hi, I’m new to the boards. I just installed Comodo firewall on my windows XP machine with SP2, and Security Center informs me that CPF is turned off. I know it is not, because everything seems to function properly, and when I mouse over it’s icon in the notification area, it says all systems are up and running. It’s in “custom” (default) setting. Please Help!! I otherwise like the firewall so far. Thanx :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

Can you do the following?:
Go to control panel and open Administrative tools>> Click on services>> Go to Windows Managament Instrumentation>>Stop the service>>then stop Windows Security Center>>Exit>>Right click Start and choose Explore>>Go down to c:\windows\system32\wbem\repository>>Delete this subdirectory ONLY>>Exit back to your desktop and reboot your computer.

On reboot Windows will be forced to rebuild this folder with new information, so should then recognise CPF.

Again welcome to the forums,

Update: It has recently been posted that there is an additional, quicker method to that of what I posted above. You can find this by clicking here.