security center [resolved]

Hi, I used to have NIS on my computer, but I have uninstalled it now…
But still when I look in sc it says that norton internet security is activated???
why? why doesnt it say that it is comodo firewall?

Hi hjotron,

I used to use Norton also and i found it a pain to get rid of…so here is a link to help u remove it.

Hope this helps

Hi. Please see:
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[b]Windows (Security Centre) Doesn't Recognize Comodo Firewall[/b],211.0.html,545.0.html,1182.0.html,2479.0.html

There’s also another thread in this board with a similar issue:

Hi again! Norton is totally removed from my computer…
I have tried to turn off the security center and then delete the repository folder, but it wont be deleted!!! I have been told that if I delete that folder and then restart the computer and sc so will sc build a new repository folder which will recongnize comodo… but I cant delete the f…ing thing!!!
Im from swden so please forgive me my bad english…

Hi. The easiest method is to download, unzip, and run Ewen’s script:;msg19751#msg19751

A reboot is required.

Thank you so very much!!!
It worked like a charm! (I hope thats the proper way to say it?)

Yes it is ;D.