Security Application Remover - Discussion\Test\Development Thread

Hey guys for a little while I’ve been learning some programming… I thought, What can I make? I came across a thread where a guy was not able to install an application cause there was traces found of another application. So it got me thinking… HMMM… This happens quite a bit, Things are left over after installing Security apps. and applications in general. But for all of us security application hoppers this can become a problem. (Ehmm… Wilders?? ;D)

So… I came up with “Security App Remover” Name subject to change of course. It would have a GUI, When a user clicks an application they’d like to remove - SAR would call upon a function to delete all traces of that application.

So… Please post any suggestions or views. ANYTHING.

The boring stuff, Legal etc…
The attached programs posted by myself implies the following;

My self or Comodo takes no responsibility of any damage it may cause, Security Application Remover(SAR) is owned by Kyle Clothier who is not affiliated or in partnership with Comodo at all. The programs provided in this thread are provided as is without any warranty or guarantee.

I don’t mean to scare you! this is just backing myself up. I always do test the programs on my computer and virtual machines first before releasing so there shouldn’t be a problem but if there is I take no liability!

Find any buggs?suggestions?Post here.
If you don’t have a comodo account you may email me at kyle142[at]

UPDATE:: Want to get involved? Whats required is some basic python knowledge with specific areas in file and registry handling. Pm me for more information.

Yes I’m doing it. Finally some motivation. :smiley:


Justin put a question to me “What about Revo uninstaller?”
Thats a good point.

1: This is the first application I’ve worked on… So nothing can be innovative… I’m not gonna cure cancer lol
2: Revo uninstaller is a great tool, the difference is that SAR deletes specific values. while as Revo has a generic method of searching for file names\Reg entries etc. Which sometimes it can miss things. (Possible false positives too)
3: which brings up a good point… all things removed with SAR are specific so there shouldn’t be false positives.

Maybe you can use this program on a VM during the install of the security software to watch what changes it makes to the system. Then you can use that info to know what you have to delete.

edit, or this one Download What Changed - MajorGeeks

Thank you very much languy99. Exactly what I was looking for! (Y)

Bug in the GUI. >:( It’s BullGuard >:( Fix you’re ■■■■ before postin’ >:( Pfff, programmer wannabies ;D

Fixed! fixed a typo cause i sux at spelling (thx Saxuality)
New! gone to sleep, brains over heated.

My brain has had the biggest workout it has had for a long time.

Since Tuesday i think? Maybe wednesday. I watched tutorials on python and 1 day of wxpython(The gui), Today I put what I learnt together…

1#I made the gui (Didn’t take long)
2#I made a button click = an action:
3#I learnt and made the format how to delete files(easy)
4#I learnt to create,delete,modify registry keys(that took some time cause the documentation isn’t very friendly on the eyes for new users)

OK. Cool so I have the ‘blue prints’ of what looks like what I want.
one problem, Unless someone has python installed on their computer - aint gonna work.

So I needed something called py2exe.(I played with it the day before) It works as it was meant to. One problem tho, Not only did it made an .EXE it made one that required the source files. (a whopping 15.6mb!)
Why so big u ask? cause everything for it to function is in there… icons, the libraries it needs to work etc…
I could compress it with something like 7zip, but that just isn’t practical.

So off I go on the hunt of finding out how to put all of these things together into a single exe. I finally found a program, modified some settings, finally! Success. I have an executable that is 3.8mb and does not need python installed on the computer!

(the file size might sound maybe a bit big for what it does… but I don’t expect it to raise much when I add things since the ‘core’ components are there.’

I have a question for you guys.
Do you want SAR to be a ‘complete’ uninstall tool? or do you want it to work with the official uninstaller from the company?

Delete ALL registry keys and files, regardless if the official uninstaller has been used. (Benifit would be corrupt installs would be cleaned)

OR, Run the official uninstall tool- Then ONLY scan for left overs.

maybe you could integrate the removal tools that are already out there for specific programs. Like Norton mcafee, avg etc

It may be safer to do both. Just to get everything cleaned. :slight_smile:

by the looks of things MetalShaun, I don’t think that you will need the ‘official removal tool’
I feel pretty confident and I would think Jeremy would too with the logs we have…that we can detect all changes made by a program, import that data into our program and then -remove it, fully, everything.

Yeh I thought that too… on the safe side. and easier for us i think ;D

3:26 am. Should go to bed soon.
Made 2 scripts, to convert ‘what changed.logs’ into into a format that i can copy+paste into the “removal signatures”
++ few other fixes

Just wanted to bring to your attention our own security application uninstaller AppRemover. Note that it is a trademarked application.
URL Removed

It is a license-able SDK, but is also free to try for home use. Cheers!

mod edit: URL removed. Free to try is not good enough and makes the URL advertising. kail

Thats all well, Though - I named it Security Application Remover. Not app remover.
Maybe it would be a good idea to make a new thread about that and not to Hijack\advertise your product, Especially since this is my first app and extremely early on, honestly dude…give me a break.

Good ol’ internet marketing. 88)

they won’t stop trying, and we won’t stop banning them >:-D


Imagine if you were one. 88)

#Made filter to filter out Microsoft chatter from ‘What changed logs’… Still reviewing.
Few more fixes and should be ready to start adding ‘signatures’

#Fixed= implemented a working registry delete, Fixed few typo’s (■■■■ you typo’s!)
#Tested on a virtual machine with Avast in safe mode. Rebooted - Avast was complaining about missing modules. :smiley:

#Todo= Do similar registry deletes with more than just HKLM, need to do HKCU,HKU,HKR(Those entries aren’t as big as HKLM… shouldn’t take long…)