Security and eggplants.

We all know that much security is often too much.

Deep fried eggplants are never enough.
The proof is in this pasta recipe(:NRD):
Choose a good tomato sauce. It must have flavour to fresh tomatoes, like a home made sauce, not to ketchup. Tomato sauce is tomato sauce, ketchup is ketchup (I can’t believe that there is people putting ketchup in pasta and in pizza… It’s like putting vinegar in coffe!)
Cut half onion for each person (the white ones better, in this case), and let them cook with few olive oil, salt, and some spices. I suggest fennel (or do you say fennel seeds?) ans wild marjoram. I also put other ones, but I will not tell you which ones.
When they are half cooked, add the sauce. Check the salt after a while.
Cut one medium to big eggplant for each person. You can cut it in cubes (1.5 cm sided), or in vertical slices (more elegant, but less practice to eat). Let them deep fry at the right temperature (if oil is too cold, they will absorb it a lot, and goodbye liver. If it is too hot, they will burn, and goodbye flavour).
Choose a good pasta (which 99% of times means an italian one, not to be patriotic, it is just true). My favourite brands: 1) De Cecco – 2) Agnesi – 3) Barilla. But other ones are very good too.
Choose spaghetti, or a short format if you prefer. Both solutions are good with this pasta.
Do NOT overcoock it! Never ever ever ever. Let it a bit crude.
When all is ready, mix the pasta and the sauce in a serving bowl, with crude extra virgen first cold pressed olive oil.
Put some deep fried eggplants above, and decore with basil.
Serve the rest of eggplants a part.
Also serve, a part, some hard cheese for pasta. No idea about cheses over there, but it should be at least an imitation of Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano. You can cut is in many ways. I prefer it in little scales.

You will see that eggplants will seem a lot.
You will change idea during the meal.

Enjoy. No firewall needed.
Maybe some coke…

I don’t drink coke… (ehm…)

Paragraphs are really essential… Hmmmm ;D


Yes, I tried to do it in a way that you just need to copy, cut, and pasta…

Anyway, maybe one big for person is too much.
I am still burping. (:TNG)