Security Alert pop up freezing

This isn’t a major issue, but it is a little annoying. I’m currently using version When a security alert pop up opens to ask about a new application the pop up will not close. The program seems to respond correctly to whichever action is selected, but then the dialog remains visible and on top of all windows. It is not responsive to further input. From what I can tell the firewall seems to continue to function properly. The tray icon is still responsive. The only way to get the box to close is to close the firewall and reopen. A system restart does not seem necessary, only restarting the firewall.

This has only started happening recently, and I’m not sure what change precipitated the issue as I’ve made a couple of changes at approx. the same time. I recently upgraded to the latest Firefox ( I also just installed a new graphics card and along with that a desktop management program called HYDRAVISION, which adds some cool visual and animation effects, but could also be a cause of this issue.

If anyone else is aware of this problem, I’d love to know how to fix it. If not I guess I’ll start uninstalling programs until I find the culprit.



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Well this has been been discussed before and I didn’t find a solution yet.
this sometimes happens to me as well. But I’ve noticed that if you allow or deny the pop up it doesn’t freeze. And this doesn’t happen all the time to me.

But it always worked after freezing for sometime. Never had to restart the firewall.

I doubt any of your programs are responsible for this.


Please file a support ticket if you haven’t already and link them to this thread for reference/updates/info:

Hey Dam,
In my case, the pop up freezes whether I allow or deny. And, it doesn’t freeze until I choose one or the other. The remember check box works fine until I choose allow or deny. But, after making a choice, the check box is not responsive. It like the input was accepted, but then the window just doesn’t close. And refreshing the screen does nothing either. Everything behind it refreshes, but the pop up stays in front.

Hey A little Mistake…

What I wanted say was if you allow or deny it at once without giving it time it doesn’t freeze. (Guess I was too sleepy at the time of the post)

Well it has never caused me to restart the system or the FW.

Guess a support ticket is the best solution.