Security Agent unable to start

Upon Start up of Windows 7 error message displayed

  • Windows 7 64 Bit
  • Comodo Internet Security Premium
  • Restart Computer
  • Re-installed
  • Memory Dumps attached

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have seen this sort of problem before. Please try reinstalling CIS by following the steps I provide in this topic. That is usually able to solve this problem.

However, if it does not please let me know and we can continue from there.

Thank you.

For the time being I will move this to the HELP section of the forum. I believe your issue is likely fixable. In the HELP section of the forum others will be more likely to see this topic and provide advice.

However, if it becomes clear that this is not fixable, and is therefore a bug, I can move this back to the bug reporting section and continue processing it.

Thank you.