Security Advisory: Vulnerability in Microsoft DirectShow

Unpatched vulnerability.

The Workarounds.


looks like it does not apply to vista :-TU

Hey thanks for the heads up. You experts may have to explain something to me though as after reading the first article I’m not fully understanding. Does this occur from going to an affected website or can it be that it can happen even if you download an affected video file?

I tend to go on youtube once in a while and watch whatever they got on there. Can youtube be susceptible to this? Also I read the workaround but I muche prefer getting the patch. So is there any chance Comodo’s firewall can defend against such thing? Seems to me this issue is sort of like a malware so shouldn’t antivirus programs be able to be of some protection here?

The latest Quicktime has fixed this.

Are you talking about the Quicktime Media Player?

The Quicktime runtimes and plugins have been updated and patched to eliminate the vulnerability.

I am not sure I understand what you are saying here. If I download the latest quicktime player then all will be well or is there some other quicktime component I need to download?

You can download the player or just get the latest version of QTLite that has the necessary browser plugins. QTLite is for those who don’t want the full QuickTime install. Either way, the vulnerability will be eliminated. If you have the full version which includes the player, then download the latest one.

Oh I know see what you are saying. Well I have quicktime player installed but not the one that comes bundled with iTunes.


Does QuickTime v7.6.2 update the quartz.dll file?
I have not installed QuickTime v7.6.2 on my PC with Win XP Pro SP3, and my C:\WINDOWS\system32\quartz.dll file is version 6.5.2600.5731 with a creation date of April 14, 2008.

If the quartz.dll file has not been updated, other media players may still be vulnerable.
For example, the codec pack from Portable 64bit codecs for Windows 11 and Windows 10.
using Media Player Classic (see the Tools tab).

It may be necessary to apply the registry work-around to protect other players, but this may also prevent them from playing QuickTime/MOV-format files.

Not sure but I saw in another thread somewhere on this forum that the new quicktime should solve this problem.

They finally have a patch up for this here:

Question: I did the workaround will I have to undo the workaround before using update?

By accident, I did the update before I reversed the work-around. The log of the update, KB971633.log, showed that it just updated quartz.dll and added registry keys indicating that KB971633 had been applied. While KB971633.log showed various failures, the update web interface and WindowsUpdate.log showed success.

Someone from Microsoft indicates that it is OK to install the work-around and then the update, see Microsoft Learn: Build skills that open doors in your career

I am curious about the errors/failures I saw in KB971633.log, which I attached. I see similar errors in other KB logs on my PC. I would appreciate it someone more knowledgeable than me about Windows could review my log file and comment. I am also interested to see a sample of KB971633.log from someone who did not implement the work-around.

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